Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Horse Hair Extensions!

Hey, have you seen this? It totally made me think of Brego's tail extensions!

Whoa! Horses get hair extensions

“The horses loved it, are you kidding?” Wolkenstein told Vieira. “They had a great time. They loved the grooming and being fawned over — the flashlights probably not as much. They had to stand in a very specific spot so that the lighting would be right, so it was a long process getting that right.”

There's a video, too. My favorite part of that is when the intro newslady says Meredith will ask about "whatever gave him the idea to photograph these horses?" Love the emphasis on the word "photograph" but I don't really think that's the question. You see a horse with crazy-creepy human hair extensions, you're gonna photograph it. The question is why would you give the horse extensions in the first place?

Ah, well. The horses got some attention and apparently had a great time. (Except for the flashlights.)

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Daun said...

LOVE IT!!!!!

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